Important Update for Customers

Important Update for Customers

An Important Update for North Texas Nature's Select Customers


Previous Owners

"I wanted to share some exciting news. Leslie and I have recently retired from the Natures Select Pet Food Bussines. It is time to hand the bowl and leash over to someone new. John Towery is the new owner. He has been a customer for many years and I hand-picked him to take over where we left off. It has been an amazing twelve years and we have made great friends and had fun times. There are no words to express how much we appreciate each and every person who trusted us with the health and wellbeing of their pets.

We are trying to make this transition as seamless as possible. He will be continuing on just as we have been doing, and I will continue to work with him for a couple of weeks. It will be the same food, delivery days, shipping, website, and ordering process,  He will have a new email and phone number. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I will be working as a full-time real estate agent for United Country H5 Auction and Realty. You can keep in touch with me if you'd like - my phone number is 903-364-7963, and my new email is 

Please let me know if I can help you. I will be sending out an informational email every two weeks to help keep everyone informed about changes in the real estate industry. Thank you for everything - take care!"

- John Rainey


New Owner - Nature’s Select of the Arklatex and Dallas Ft Worth


New Owner

Hello Team Nature's Select, my name is John Towery. I'm the new owner of Nature's Select of the ARKLATEX and DFW. I along with my daughter Carmen Towery are excited for this new chapter in our lives. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your pets.

We have been customers of John and Leslie Rainey for 9 years. Our mission is to continue to bring you and your pets the same excellent service and attention the Raineys have given you for the past 12 years. That is our promise to you.

A little about myself, I've been in the wholesale distribution business for the past 25-plus years with a focus on customer service. My role has led me to excel in timely individualized customer satisfaction. My passion for animals started when I was very young, we had Dobermans growing up, in my early 20's I had hound dogs, and now it is whatever pet decides to adopt me, currently a German Short-Haired Pointer and Jack Russel Terrier, both rescues.

Carmen is currently working at a vet clinic in Longview, Texas. Although Carmen has had a love for all animals since she was a kid, her true passion was found 10 years ago when she fostered her first dog. Since then she has fostered, helped train, and find loving homes for many dogs. Working with rescues helped fuel another passion, dog behavior. Carmen has traveled from Texas to Florida and North Dakota all to gain a better understanding of dog behavior. She continues her education through webinars, working alongside veterinarians at her clinic, and taking on new training clients. 

We can be reached any time through the website, email, or phone.

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  • Call Us Weekdays: 903-424-1179

Just a friendly reminder to check your pet food, treat, and supplement supply. This is going out to everyone. So, if you are not ready this week, no need to reply. If you are ready to reorder this week, we have several options that make it easy! See below. If you have a subscription set up no need to worry, you will receive an automated email a couple of days before your order is set to charge out. You can always go online to adjust your dates if needed. Please adjust this promptly, once this has charged out it will be shipped. 

903-424-1179 | |


We are shipping all orders into Dallas TX + Fort Worth TX

We will ship your orders via UPS. Our commitment is that we will package and ship your order the first business day (Mon-Friday) after we receive your completed order. The carrier will normally deliver the following business day (Mon-Friday). Please keep in mind that during the holiday season it may take a little longer. There are no longer set delivery days. Just order your food a few days ahead of when you will need it and it will arrive at your door. There are no extra fees for shipping with a minimum order of $45.00. Please note: Due to continuing increasing shipping costs, if your order weighs under seven pounds it will be shipped USPS instead of UPS. 

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