Shop Local

We have always been direct to consumer since we started our business back in 2010. You will not find our products in big box retailers, grocery stores, or big pet store chains. Why? Because our pet food is not made with harsh chemical preservatives, additives, or fillers, and in turn is not meant to sit on a shelf for months and months or in a warehouse for long periods of time. Our goal is to get our pet food from our manufacturer in Texas - where it is made fresh bi-monthly - to our Nature's Select Customers as soon as possible, to make sure that by the time it gets to your door and in your pet's food bowl it is as fresh as possible! However, we do partner with local, small privately owned pet stores, pet groomers, doggie daycares, and pet hotels. Here is a complete list of where our pet food is sold. 

Longview TX

  • Jakes Feed, 3612 McCann Rd Longview TX 75605 (903) 633-3139
  • The Best Little Hound House in Texas, 5805 West Marshall Ave. Longview TX (430) 625-7272
  • Gindy's Pet Resort, 1611 Judson Rd, Longview TX 75601 (903) 553-9844
  • Longview Animal Care & Adoption Center, 303 HG Mosley Pkwy, Longview TX 75604 (903) 297-7387

Tyler TX

  • The Groom Room Tyler, 3710 Westway St. Tyler TX75703 (903) 630-6128

Mt Pleasant TX

  • Mt Pleasant Pet Report, 1901 W Ferguson Rd, Mt Pleasant TX 75455 (430) 222-2024


  • Stellar Canine, 1341 TX 315, Carthage TX 75633                 (903) 693-7600