Referral Program

Nature's Select Referral Program

Easily refer friends & family today and receive $25.00 for every NEW customer that orders with us! Check out the details below.
Refer a Friend and Save

Refer a Dog


  • NEW CUSTOMER GETS: 10% off first order with code RUFFERAL when they spend $40.00 or more

  • EXISTING CUSTOMER GETS: $25.00 back for each successful referral

  • Your referral MUST place a minimum order of $40 to be eligible. Your referral can purchase any product on our website,, as long as it amounts to $40 or more.

  • Your referral MUST mention your first and last name associated with your account; otherwise, it will not connect to your account and you will not receive your referral reward.

  • Referral Rewards can be redeemed up to 6 months after creation. Example: Paul successfully referred Lucy in January 2022. Paul can use his $25 reward through June 2022. 

  • Store Credit/Referral Rewards CAN NOT be redeemed on Nature's Select Subscription or Auto-Renew discounted products.


Send them our way! Have them mention your name to us when they place their first order of $40 or more. They can:

  • Call us 903-424-1179
  • Email
  • Order Online

Keep in mind that any referral store credit you earn will be associated with your primary Nature's Select online account. Please use a consistent email/phone number with us so we can keep track accordingly. Don't have a Nature's Select account? Easily create one today so you can start earning rewards! Click below to create an online account with us, or contact our team for direct support.