Customer Testimonials

Omg John! It's just been a couple of weeks but I think the weight management food might be the miracle that Dixie needed! She started in agility at age 6 and subsequently started on a diet. Her first 6 years, she never knew hunger, but the last 2 years of dieting, she is always hungry! She sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, begging for food. She's still hungry, but not enough to wake me up. I'm seeing her body change. She's losing weight! My mom has a 13 year old lean shi zu that never leaves the house, weighs 16 pounds, eats the same amount as Dixie. Dixie weighs 27 or so pounds, is active, plays fetch ALOT, does agility 2x a week. Dixie is literally 12 different kinds of dogs, she has true hybrid vigor. This food is working!!

Cyndy & Dixie


Great products and prices. The customer service is excellent! Love doing business with them!



The food is great and I can't say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable the people are about nutrition for your pet!! And an added bonus, they deliver to your home if your order meets minimum requirements!!